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2002 News:

11 Nov. 2002

New Red Archives has rereleased their Hardcore Breakout USA compilation (which includes the Jawbreaker song Rich) as part of a triple CD set which also includes volume two and the previously unreleased volume three of the series. Check the Mordam website for more info.

04 Sep. 2002

� For a multitude of reasons, I no longer have any desire to support the band Jets to Brazil. My obligation ends where my enthusiasm ends, and accordingly, this page will no longer serve as a source for Jets to Brazil news. Furthermore, I feel that JTB has a large enough web presence and following that their fanbase need not rely on a Jawbreaker site for information. The Links and Band History pages will of course retain references and links to the band. Please do not e-mail me regarding this decision; however, discussion at the Blackball Records message board is welcomed (see Links page).
� As many of you have noticed, the Jawbreaker live MP3 page has been down for a few weeks. A new location for the site should be ready in the near future; keep an eye on the Links page.

26 Aug. 2002

� For those not in the know, Chris no longer plays in Horace Pinker, and hasn't for roughly a year. The Band History page on this site was updated awhile ago, but I forgot to make a note of it here on the News page; you can read more about it at the Horace Pinker's webpage.
Jade Tree Records posted a few songs from the upcoming Jets to Brazil album on their webpage; you can also preorder the release.

02 Aug. 2002

� It has come to my attention that numerous sellers on eBay have been advertising the 2xLP version of Etc. as a "limited to 1000" release, even going so far as to induce potential buyers to bid by recalling memories of the ultra-rare Live 4/30/96 LP. Unbelievably, eBayers have fallen for the scam, and the pressed-in-mass-quantities double album has been selling for ridiculously inflated prices. These sellers are either ignoramuses or swindlers, and either way, they don't deserve your hard-earned money. The Etc. 2xLP is readily available from scores of stores and online retailers, and you should under no circumstances pay more than $17 for a new copy (most places will actually sell it for a bit less).

23 Jul. 2002

� Etc. is officially out in stores today.
� In other news, members of Jawbreaker will appear in the film Loren Cass, while the song Chesterfield King will be on the soundtrack.
� Lastly, the Jawbreaker tribute record that was slated to be on Jet Black Records has been canceled. You can read the details and listen to a few songs that would have been on the album here.

14 Jul. 2002

Midheaven now has RealAudio sound clips for every song on the upcoming Etc. release. There are also two full MP3 files.

10 Jul. 2002

� After a false start with low-quality sound clips, I am pleased to announce that the Jawbreaker Live MP3 Shows page is up and running. Note that although I will be contributing shows and demos from my collection as I find the time, the archive itself will function under the auspices of Andon, who was gracious enough to offer me the storage space.

04 Jul. 2002

Midheaven mailorder has a picture of the cover art for the Etc. release. They also confirm that the "mystery song" is yet another version of Boxcar, this one recorded at the Dear You sessions.

01 Jul. 2002

� Here's the bulk of the latest Blackball Records update from Adam:
It's Adam checking in again with the lowdown on the Jawbreaker record I've been promising for the past five years. It's finally done and will be released on Blackball Records (distributed by Revolver) and will be released on JULY 22. You can order it through or just wait until it hits your local record store.
74 minutes long. 20 songs sequenced chronologically by date of recording, covering 1988 through 1995. Included is every song we put out on one-off comps, split seven-inches and B-sides (many of which are out of print), plus studio outtakes from Bivouac, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy and Dear You. The CD had a 24 page booklet with the lyrics written out by Aaron Elliot (Cometbus); liner notes by the three of us; extensive recording info; and original artwork from the sources. I didn't end up doing a digipak due to cost. The LP had two records tucked into full-color sleeves with all the CD booklet art and additional photos by Don Lewis and Viviane Oh.
As always, tee-shirts, hoodies and stickers can be ordered from, so don't get suckered on eBay for something that's still in print. That goes for CDs, too. Unfun, Bivouac and 24 Hour Revenge Therapy are all still in print and can be ordered through midheaven for cheap, the last two of which are still being pressed on vinyl.
The third Jets To Brazil albums in the can and will be out soon. Blake described it as all "last songs," which means to me it'll be heavy and rule.
Chris is en route to Germany to finish his research and will be done with grad school next year and we'll all have to start calling him fucking Doctor Bauermeister from then on.
I am done with my parts for the Whysall Lane album. It will hopefully be done and mixed by the time Richard's baby is due in late July.
I finally have a deal memo from Universal for the rights to get Dear You back. Now more negotiating. Ironic that we'd have to buy our own out of print album back and pay a greater royalty rate than the one we got...

29 Jun. 2002

Jade Tree Records has provided a track listing for the new Jets to Brazil album, "Perfecting Loneliness," which will be released on October 15.

20 Jun. 2002

� According to Amazon, the Etc. 2xLP/CD will be released on 23 Jul.; Interpunk has a 26 Jul. release date. You can preorder now.

24 May 2002

� It looks like the Jawbreaker compilation will finally be coming out this summer.
The details in Adam's words: "20 songs, 5 never released; over 70 minutes; 24 page lyric booklet with liner notes by the three of us and text handwritten by Aaron Elliot (Cometbus); extra photos on the double LP; and it's sequenced chronologically from 1988-1995 so you can really hear, uh, something...I like it."
Based on this information, I'm guessing that the tracklisting should be similar to the following (for all you Jawbreaker neophytes): Shield Your Eyes / Equalized / Caroline / Split / Better Half / Gutless / With or Without U2 / Fantastic Planet / Rich / Peel it the Fuck Down / Pretty Persuasion / Kiss the Bottle / First Step / Friends Back East / Sea Foam Green / Housesitter / Sister / Into You Like a Train / Friendly Fire / mystery song
� In other news, Adam started recording a record with his new band, Whysall [Wysall?] Lane (see 04 Dec. 2001 update below). He'll also be recording with J Church for a new album this summer.
� Finally, Adam's given me the go-ahead to put up rare songs in mp3 format for download (songs that won't be released on the upcoming Jawbreaker album, of course). That means demo versions and lots of strange live stuff will be available here sometime during the summer.

06 May 2002

� The Jawbreaker Etc. album of b-sides, split single, and compilation songs should be out in a few months time; Adam recently handed in the final art. Additionally, the previously unreleased songs have been revealed. Outtakes from Bivouac: Peel it the Fuck Down (a song that I had previously seen on a setlist but assumed to be an alternate title for something else...), 24 Hour Revenge Therapy: Friends Back East and First Step, and Dear You: Friendly Fire plus one more surprise song.

07 Feb. 2002

� The Blackball Records site has a small update, but it basically says that there's no new news.
� Jets to Brazil also recently updated their website. They're planning to record the bulk of their third album in April; the album will then be released in the fall of 2002. You can read some of the new song titles on their site. After a small summer tour, they'll launch a nationwide tour when the record comes out. The unreleased song that most of you know as "Rose" from the band's 1998 demo will be released on a Jade Tree sampler CD in April.
� I also hear that Blake plays for Cub Country, Jets to Brazil bassist Jeremy Chatelain's solo outing.

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