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Complete Jawbreaker Page: Odds 'n' Ends

"It's never going to be like it could have been..." trivia:
� The original cover art for Unfun was a photo of a guy getting his face bashed in.
� Before Jawbreaker's temporary breakup at the end of the summer of 1990, the band had temporary plans to record a tour EP with "covers and stuff" (Blake's words) for Skene! Records. This EP probably would have been similar to the Chesterfield King 12", as the band was already playing a version of "Pack it Up" at the time of the tour; "Big," "You're Right," "Tour Song," the unknown song from June 22, 1990, and possibly "Freebird" would have been other potential candidates for inclusion on the record, although the band might have been saving of these tunes for an LP on New Red Archives - another project that was scrapped with the breakup of the band.
� Adam remastered 23 songs for Etc., but decided that there would only be room for twenty. The Etc. "outtakes" were a mono demo version of I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both, and the Albini versions of Boxcar and The Boat Dreams From the Hill.
� Blake noted in a 1996 interview that he wanted to call the next Jawbreaker album "Tenth Listen."

Blake auctioned off his Les Paul guitar on eBay in 1999.

Between Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil, Blake sat around and played video games like Independence Day.

Bands that have covered Jawbreaker (alphabetical):
1956: Save Your Generation
32forty (FL): Do You Still Hate Me?
the �ffect: Boxcar
All Save One: Equalized
the Ataris: Boxcar
Bayside: Chemistry
the Benjamins (WI): Boxcar
Bickley: Boxcar
Bigwig (NJ): Jinx Removing, Ashtray Monument
Black Lung Patriots: Kiss the Bottle
Books Lie: Fireman
Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine: Do You Still Hate Me?
Climber: Boxcar
Counterfit: Million
the Crush: Kiss the Bottle
Tom Dailey: Jet Black
Dolores: Kiss the Bottle
Douglas (Wales, UK): Boxcar
Duvall: Busy
Eighty Six (UK): Chesterfield King, Shirt
Face to Face: Chesterfield King, The Boat Dreams From the Hill
Fall Out Boy: Save Your Generation
Fifteen: Caroline, Equalized
Fluf: Boxcar
Foo Fighters: Kiss the Bottle
For Amusement Only: Shield Your Eyes
For the Day: Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
Friction: Split
Gameface: Ache
the Gamits: I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both
Gods Reflex: Sea Foam Green
the Goodboysuit: Bivouac
Good Night Bad Guy: Jet Black
Highstrung: Save Your Generation
Holden's Catch: Want
John Brown Battery: Do You Still Hate Me?
Kill Your Idols: Do You Still Hate Me?
Lagwagon: Want
Low Profile: Want, Chesterfield King
Lucero: Kiss the Bottle
Name Taken: Want
Nerf Herder: Chesterfield King
Notaword: The Boat Dreams From the Hill
Jeff Ott: Better Half
Pushed Aside: Boxcar, Sluttering (May 4th)
the Reunion Show: Unlisted Track
Riddlin' Kids: Jinx Removing
the Saddest Landscape: Accident Prone
Something About Vampires and Sluts: Jet Black
Sparta: Kiss the Bottle
Transistor Transistor: Boxcar
Travoltas: Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
Twinstar: Accident Prone

Note that this list includes songs which were compiled on the following tribute albums:
Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault CD (Dying Wish Records)
So Much For Letting Go: A Tribute to Jawbreaker - Vol. 1 CD (Coptercrash Records)

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