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Complete Jawbreaker Page: Interviews

15 Oct. 1995: Tatterfrock #8
By Skip Charles

Blake Schwarzenbach, late twenties, singer/guitarist for Jawbreaker, very handsome.
Chris Bauermeister, late twenties, bassist for Jawbreaker, friendly, highly intelligent.
Skip Charles, early twenties, fan of Jawbreaker, singer/guitarist for Fletcher, tall, clumsy.
Paul Bayer, early twenties, fan of Jawbreaker, bassist for Fletcher, well-travelled, unshowered.

St. Andrew's Music Hall. There are two plush couches. Blake, Chris and Skip are seated on the couches. Paul is seated on the floor, completing the circle of rockers. There is a mini-cassette recorder on the floor. Time is October 15, 1995. (Lights up. Characters are in mid-conversation)

SKIP- I remember when I saw your last show at the Grounds. I could see some kids look at you guys when you would walk by and sort of turn to their friends and whisper "There they go". It seems like you have acheived a great deal of "punk rock celebrity", which is such an oxymoron.

BLAKE- Oh, but it's so true. I've seen it with other bands. Punk kids are as fanatic as heshers, you know? Really, I mean, like, there are kids that are just crazy. They give band people so un-due credit.

CHRIS- Last night at the bar was a perfect example.

BLAKE- (Groan) Oh, God. Yeah. (Hesitant) We've never gotten star treatment like last night, I think. We played in Chicago.

SKIP- At the Metro?

BLAKE- Yeah, and it was sold out. And it was kind of new in a way.

CHRIS- I stepped out on stage to turn on my amp and people were like "Chris!" You know? Jesus Christ.

SKIP- All your closet friends.

BLAKE- Yeah. Eleven-hundred of our best friends.

CHRIS- Yeah, Exactly. I was like "What? Hi, how are you?". It was weird. I was like "I'm an incompetent, antisocial geek. How are you?"

SKIP- So, are you prepared for the day when you walk down the street and people...

CHRIS- We've had it happen. In my old neighborhood one night when I was walking home with groceries. There were some people at a show sitting on top of a mailbox and I hear one of them go "Hey, that's the guy from Jawbreaker." And another time, you know, "There's the guy in Jawbreaker."

SKIP- And (to borrow from T.J. Doyle) this is the scene where everyone supposedly check their ego at the door.

BLAKE- In indie-rock? Oh, it's so not true. Part of that's cool though, I think. Like I think being a fan is a cool thing. I take the fan perspective on a lot of groups. We're all fans of certain artists and stuff. And I don't see why that shouldn't be true in underground music or whatever. To be young and genuinely into someone and be like "That's me" or "I identify with that really strongly" I think that's still cool. One the other hand, when it turns into fanaticism, punk is susceptible to the exact same trappings of rock.

CHRIS- "Fanatic" being the etymological root of "fan". (They talk some more. Topic ranges from Nathaniel Hawthorne to Alec Baldwin to fake blood capsules. Later, photos are taken with members of Jawbox and Jawbreaker. A two and a half-pound can of Hormel chili is used as a prop. Lights down)

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