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23 Aug. 1992: Spontaneous Combustion #13

Jawbreaker were interviewed by Demon, Vince, and Mike after their show at McGreggor's.

Mike: Has it always been you three guys or has there been anyone else in the band?

Blake: It has always been us three in this band.

Mike: The first single (Whack and blight) you put it out yourselves, how many did you make?

Chris: I put it out and made 500.

Mike: So then Very Small repressed it?

Chris: Originally he helped us distribute the first one then he decided to repress lt.

Mike: How did you hook up with Shredder?

Chris: He called us.

Mike: Did you get along with him (Mel) when you were on Shredder?

Blake: It was turbulent to say the least, but in hindsight it has been a beautiful relationship. He really helped us for this tour too. The new 12" (Chesterfield King) was out of print when we left so we couldn't get any and he just loaded us up wi th all this old stuff. I don't feel great about selling it because it is kind of old but it's something. We don't have anything to sell so it helps.

Demon: I wouldn't feel to bad. It seems a lot of people have been getting into you the past couple years and they can't find you stuff anywhere.

Blake: A lot of people seem like they're looking for it and that's cool.

Chris: We sold all the Unfun's we have. All of them are gone. The one thing I hesitated on is the fact that at this point it is only semi representative because it is old stuff and our style has changed somewhat.

Mike: So the Busy single was just a teaser for the album?

Blake: He actually wanted to put that on the record, it was more of a label guideline. He said he wanted it on the records and we said OK.

Chris: Actually when we did the busy single he wasn't approaching us for a record, he just wanted the song .

Mike: What was the deal with that cover?

Chris: Nothing happened.

Blake: We got a threatening letter and that was it. Shredder will not back down to idle threats

Mike: How did the split single with Jawbox come about?

Chris: He just asked us and we said OK.

Adam: He said I get it they are both friends and have Jaw in their names and it will be kind of cute.

Blake: At Dischord they laugh at us for the ads that they took out so it is funny that way.

Mike: Does he give you money for that or just copies of the records?

Chris: Just records. Every time he re-presses it he sends more. We have hundreds of those damn things.

Mike: Weren't you supposed to do a single with No Idea?

Blake: That's out now actually.

Chris: Is it? Oh cool.

Blake: It's just weird because all these things are from this first demo tape.

Chris: The thing we are supposed to do on Skene we will probably use new stuff because we are getting tired of releasing old demo stuff.

Mike: What is this thing on Skene?

Blake: It was supposed to be a double single benefit thing but it keeps changing. It will probably be a series of singles now. There are some really good bands involved.

Mike: Tell me about how you got on the label you're on now is it Tupelo?

Blake: Tupelo yeah. Lance Hahne was pretty much the grease of the deal and he had done work at Revolver before. All these labels are kind of in this one warehouse in San Francisco. He just said you should come and talk to this guy he likes you reco rd.

Mike: The most noticeable change on the new record is the vocal sound. Did you purposely change that or did it just happen?

Chris: It's because his throat is thrashed. He sounds like that now. His voice has changed in the past two years.

Adam: He's growing up.

Blake: I am going to the eye, ear, nose infirmary soon to see about nads or whatever, nodes not nads, I need to cool out for a while.

Mike: Where is this tour taking you?

Chris: New York and then Europe.

Mike: Are you going on tour with anyone in Europe?

Chris: Just ourselves.

Mike: When is the new album supposed to be out?

Chris: Theoretically October.

Blake: The guy who does the label is in Europe with his band Duh. So he can't do anything for the label while he is over there.

Mike: Did you book this tour yourselves or do you have a booking agent?

Chris: Adam did it himself. Someone did it for us in Europe .

Demon: Are you nervous about this tour?

Blake: I'm nervous about my throat. It has gotten progressively worse over the last three shows. I get bummed out because I think when we suck it is my fault because the new stuff is very vocal oriented and I can't sing the songs because of my thro at .

Demon: Do you like playing the new stuff more?

Blake: Yeah and with some of the old stuff I find I just can't sing it anymore. It is really strange. If you are playing something and it doesn' t have any validity anymore it is going to be awful.

Mike: Any specific come to mind?

Chris: I'll play Caroline but I just always fuck it up. For some reason I just can't do it anymore. We don't play a lot of stuff because we just don't want to play it anymore. We don't play Busy. The South Dakota show was miserable.

Blake: There's this kid Neil (laughter).

Adam: Neil was this kid. He was about 7 years old and he ran this show. He was behind the bar collecting money and telling us what to do.

Chris: He was like one of those little preachers.

Adam: Yeah, he was like the kid in Children of the Corn. We wanted to kidnap him and make him perform fellatio. (Laughter all around)

Blake: You had to sign a no profanity contract at this club too. No jokes concerning drugs and alcohol only they crossed out the word alcohol with a flimsy ball point pen.

Blake: It was a cuss fest and everyone signed and just swore big time.

Adam: Gentle Neil was just sitting in the back bummed out by the whole thing. I have to say though the kid really had his shit together he could of been 25.

Chris: That's the scary thing if I had my shit together like that when I was 7 I would probably own half of America by now.

Adam: For the record I really respect that kid. He really blew me away.

Mike: Given the chance would you sign to a big label like Helmet and Nirvana?

Blake: I don't think so.

Chris: The problem with that is the long term contractual obligations. If someone were to offer us money to do one record well maybe, but to do a series of records no way.

Mike: Did you produce the new one yourselves?

Blake: There were like 30 people who produced it. It was a free for all.

Mike: How long will you be in Europe?

Blake: 7 weeks.

Mike: What happened to that period of about 2 years where you dropped off the face of the Earth. There were rumors of you breaking up?

Blake: We broke up for a while. We had school and stuff. We hated each other at one point.

Chris: We learned how to live with the hate. Now we know we hate each other there are no surprises. It works.

Blake: We have that don't touch me unity working . (Talk deteriorates into talk about how cool Slint is and then Demon and Blake are sharing job stories because they both work at Libraries)

Demon: Do you find more people are getting into you now?

Chris: There's more people who know about us. We never did this part of the country before except for Minneapolis and here and last time we were here (they played Lounge Ax) You three were the only people there.

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